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Zodiac Stone For :-
Capricorn (Makar) Dec 22 - Jan 20
Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Saturn (Shani). A blue Sapphire is one of the most powerful gems of all. It counteracts all enviousness from others and keeps away from evil. It alleviates long-term misfortune. Sometimes this stone reacts adversely so it should always be tested for a few days before finally wearing. A blue Sapphire could give you everything you desire - health, wealth, longevity and happiness. It also restores lost wealth and prosperity. 
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Shimmer in the panache of our heavenly rocks from our range of Precious Gemstones. From Zambian Emeralds to Kashmiri Sapphires and Burmese Rubies, every stone radiates in the glorious history of untold legends of these luminous creations
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1.85 Carat Natural Emerald
Code : SE001
Price :  11,100
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