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Zodiac Stone For :-
Gemini (Mithun) May 22 - Jun 21
Emerald (Panna)
Mercury (Budh). An Emerald improves your memory, communication skill, intuition power, sharpens the intellect and your ability to learn. It is the best gem for eyes and nervous system. Its wearer gets sufficient wealth in life.
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About Us
Welcome to the exotic world of S. Zaveri & Sons. Where we believe that every woman is a creation of spellbinding beauty...  And to compliment this magnificence, we present our collection of exquisite jewellery. Studded with the finest stones and hand crafted by the most remarkable artists, we always strive to create exclusive designs to suit every occasion.

Today the young and pro active members of the S. Zaveri team have combined their talents to bring to you, a fashionable range of diamond jewellery that has been crafted with strong principles of customer satisfaction and a touch of excellence. With an array of dynamic designs in gold, diamond, precious gemstones and pearls, S. Zaveri & Sons offers you the finest in services and quality. So come and live an experience beauty & serenity like never before.
Our Heritage
S. Zaveri & Sons has been one of the most trusted names for jewellery in India. Since our inception in 1947, we have been in the forefront in ornamenting every wonderful occasion with our unique jewellery. It was the vision and foresight of Shri Sagarmalji Zaveri that has brought us to this successful platform, with strong roots that are a blend of a powerful foundation of the manufacturing & retail business and infinite artistic creativity. It was this motivating legacy that was then passed onto the descendants who carried on the torch of S. Zaveri to new heights…
Our Mission
It is our sole mission to provide services par excellence, to all our customers. We strive to fulfill the aesthetic and after sales needs of the clients… Because, we believe in delivering unrivaled value and try to re create life’s memorable moments, with our finest craftsmanship, into fascinating jewellery for you… and that too, at reasonable prices.
A Trusted Name
S. Zaveri & Sons is highly recognized with renowned jewellery experts in the country. Our esteemed clientele includes the most celebrated names in the field of glamour and entertainment and highly qualified professionals. We present our clients only with the very best… May it be artistic jewellery or a just precious stone… every product is studded with a selection of the superior grade diamonds, selected for quality and brilliance. This dedication to our aim thus allows us to implement a continuous work flow system of manufacturing jewellery with strict quality control and design management.

Moreover, we have a treasure trove of expert in house designers who create stylish designs, in white and yellow gold. Whether you have a taste for traditional, ethnic pieces or modern vogue… rest assured to find a tempting selection of jewellery to suit all occasions.