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Zodiac Stone For :-
Leo (Singha) Jul 23 - Aug 22
Ruby (Manek)
Sun (Ravi). A Ruby gives name, fame, vigour, virture, warmth and the capacity to command. A Ruby wearer can except speedy success in lesser time than expected. Being the Gem for Sun, the Ruby is considered as effective in getting success in all fields of life. It improves the relation with the business superiors and family members. It is the best gem to maintain a proper marital relation and also helps in attracting each other.
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Still not found the perfect design? Then tell us what's on your mind. And we shall craft your dream into reality. Just send us your requirements and allow our expert craftsmen to design and develop the perfect jewellery for you. or, you can also make your customization in our pre-set designs with just five simple steps.
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0.20ct Natural Diamond (SD001)
Price :  15,000
0.23ct Natural Diamond (SD002)
Price :  18,400
0.25ct Natural Diamond (SD003)
Price :  22,500
0.27ct Natural Diamond (SD004)
Price :  25,650
0.30ct Natural Diamond (SD005)
Price :  36,000
0.33ct Natural Diamond (SD006)
Price :  39,600
0.35ct Natural Diamond (SD007)
Price :  45,500
0.38ct Natural Diamond (SD008)
Price :  51,300
0.40ct Natural Diamond (SD009)
Price :  66,000
0.40ct Natural Diamond Pair (SD2001)
Price :  1,36,000
4.25 Carat Nautral Ruby (SR001)
Price :  34,000
3.50 Carat Natural Ruby (SR002)
Price :  19,250
1.56 Carat Natural Ruby (SR003)
Price :  4,680
5.45 Carat Natural Ruby (SR004)
Price :  4,360
2 Carat Natural Ruby (SR005)
Price :  1,800
5.60 Carat Natural Ruby (SR006)
Price :  33,600
2.32 Carat Natural Ruby (SR007)
Price :  2,090
6.80 Carat Natural Ruby (SR008)
Price :  54,400
6.20 Carat Natural Ruby (SR009)
Price :  37,200
2.53 Carat Natural Ruby (SR010)
Price :  2,285
3.35 Carat Natural Ruby (SR011)
Price :  11,725
3.12 Carat Natural Ruby (SR012)
Price :  6,240
1.85 Carat Natural Emerald (SE001)
Price :  11,100
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